How to Watch The Blacklist: Redemption from Anywhere

Ray Walsh

Ray Walsh

February 15, 2017

The Blacklist: Redemption is a new NBC spinoff of popular American crime thriller The Blacklist. The show is about a group of undercover black ops mercenaries who run missions that are too dangerous for the government. As the show is on NBC, fans of the original series who want to watch it first are going to need a VPN service. VPNs allow anybody located anywhere to masquerade as a US resident. Once connected to a US VPN server, subscribers can securely use their US IP address to watch The Blacklist: Redemption online live.

In addition, reliable VPN services provide a layer of encryption to all incoming and outgoing web traffic. This means that neither the website you stream The Blacklist: Redemption from, nor your ISP, will know what you are doing. With privacy and security assured, you can feel free to watch geo-restricted content without fear of retribution.

Sadly, not every VPN was created equal. The vast majority of VPNs have poor server networks that seriously affect connection speeds. As such, instead of enjoying The Blacklist: Redemption, you will be left cursing the lousy VPN that you stumbled on, while the show incessantly buffers. In addition, the vast majority of VPNs are insecure, have poor privacy policies, and provide outdated encryption protocols.

watch the Blacklist: Redemption

Image captured from the official Blacklist: Redemption trailer below.

To watch The Blacklist: Redemption we most highly recommend ExpressVPN, because it has the very best service for the job. However, any of the VPNs in our Best VPN services article will do the job excellently. So if you prefer shopping around, be sure to take a look.

  • Tune in on Thursday, 23 February, to enjoy the explosive new Blacklist: Redemption from anywhere!

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Unblock The Blacklist: Redemption – Setup Guide

Getting to watch The Blacklist: Redemption online is incredibly easy. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Get a subscription with your preferred VPN to unblock The Blacklist: Redemption. To watch The Blacklist: Redemption we suggest ExpressVPN. It has superb US servers to watch the show in HD quality. However, any of the top-of-the-range services in our 5 best VPN services article will do the job excellently.
  • Once subscribed to a reputable service, download the VPN software from the VPN’s website. ExpressVPN provides apps for all platforms and allows users to install the VPN on three simultaneous devices. You can watch The Blacklist: Redemption on any Android, iOS, Mac OS X, or Windows device and even Android smart TVs and boxes.
  • Select OpenVPN encryption in the VPN’s options. Geo-restricted content is blocked for copyright reasons. With that in mind, you should opt for a trusted VPN with a secure privacy policy. All of the VPNs recommended in our guides are well known for providing high levels of security and privacy.
  • Connect to a US server. To watch The Blacklist: Redemption you must “spoof” your location to the US. Depending on where you are, you should connect to a US server on the west or east coast. Selecting a server that is nearer to you will provide the best speeds for watching the spy thriller in HD.
  • Now that you are connected to a US server, head on over to the website where you want to watch The Blacklist: Redemption. The best websites for doing this are described later in this guide.

Why Watch The Blacklist: Redemption Online First?

The Blacklist: Redemption will premiere on 23 February 2017, and will be broadcast over the course of eight weeks, until 13 April 2017. NBC’s new spin-off of the original Blacklist is highly anticipated. Reviewers who have seen a sneaky peek of the new high-energy TV show are excited, and so should you be! Executive producer John Eisendrath says that while its predecessor was a “cop show in many ways,” the new Blacklist is a “spy show.”

The two shows aren’t completely mutually exclusive either: they feed off each other. For example, the end of the 15th episode of The Blacklist leads directly into the first episode of The Blacklist: Redemption. “Tom Keen walks from one episode into the next,” comments Eisendrath. That means that fans of the show are in for a huge treat because now there is a whole new dimension to the Blacklist universe.

So, How Will it Work?

The Blacklist: Redemption will run for eight episodes, and then the regular Blacklist will return. After that, if and when Redemption comes back, Eisendrath says that Blacklist’s Red character may well appear in the show. For season one, however, Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington (James Spader) is not set to appear. The reason? The show has its own intricate plot that needs to be thoroughly laid down first. The future, however, would appear to be a cleverly constructed breeding of the two shows into a single, well-orchestrated experience. Wowza.

In interviews, Executive Producer Jon Bokenkamp has explained the plot a little – but the show’s makers aren’t giving too much away:

“This is the biggest mission of Keen’s life. He doesn’t know who his family was; he ‘died’ when he was very young.”

Famke_Janssen_by_Gage_Skidmore_(2)_(cropped) Image credit: Gage Skidmore, Famke Janssen by Gage Skidmore (2) (cropped), CC BY 2.0

As such it would appear that Keen finding out about his lost mother (Susan Hargrave – played by Famke Janssen) is going to be a central part of the plot that likens him to the original Blacklist’s Red character (who has a mysterious relationship with Liz). In addition, we can speculate that it might bring the two characters together in the future (though this is a blind stab in the dark on my part).

Not Such a Crazy Idea?

Don’t forget, however, that the Tom Keen character is actually Jacob Phelps, one of the Major’s best operatives. He was hired by Red to watch over Liz Keen: a job that was abruptly ended when Reddington found out that the two of them had become romantically involved. Of course, now Tom and Liz are married and have a child, and Tom still works for Red (and is known to be a brutal mercenary who kills with ease).

In addition, no one really knows why Red watches over Elizabeth Keen, but during Blacklist he takes a keen interest in her and often does things for her without her knowing (such as getting her to graduate two weeks early from the FBI).

“Mommy Theory”

One theory is that Red used to be a woman called Katarina Rostova, a.k.a. Liz’s mother. In the fall finale of Blacklist – in a moment alone with Kirk – Red told him that “Elizabeth is my daughter.” Following that, just as Kirk was about to stick a needle into Red’s neck, Red whispers something in Kirk’s ear that gives him a huge shock.

We can only sit back in wonderment at how the “Mommy Theory” might eventually play out in the two shows. What does seem certain is that Tom Keen will be involved in an undercover mission more dangerous that anything we have ever seen before.

Where to Watch The Blacklist: Redemption

The Blacklist: Redemption will air on NBC on Thursday, 23 February at 22:00 EST/19:00 PST. In order to watch the show you will need not only a VPN but also a valid cable TV service.

With that in mind, it may not be as easy as just going to the NBC website. For US citizens who are overseas, using the NBC website with their regular cable TV provider’s password will work. For everybody else, the best option is Sling TV.

sling tvSling TV is an online streaming service that is restricted to US residents. Using a VPN, however, anybody can get a subscription. To watch The Blacklist: Redemption you will need to subscribe to the Sling TV blue package for $25 per month.

The service is a month-by-month service, which you don’t need to commit to. It is a contactless service that is renewed monthly. As such, you can use the service to watch The Blacklist: Redemption – and then stop paying for it. What is also great, is that SlingTV offers a seven-day free trial. So you will be able to test the service and watch The Blacklist: Redemption premiere for free. That way, you will be able to decide whether you want to pay the $25 per month for the two months that the show is on. The good news is that Sling TV will also allow you to watch The Walking Dead and 24: Legacy during that period of time. It is a great time of year to be paying for the service! Plus, if you’re a sports fan, Sling TV is formidable all year round.

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