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House of Cards was one of the most successful “TV” series last year, of course it wasn’t actually shown on TV but on Netflix. It gained widespread praise, and although it was shut out of certain categories of Emmys, it did win 3. Scheduled to be released in its entirety worldwide on Friday 14th 2014 at 12.01am PST, 03.01am EST or 8.01am GMT depending on your time zone.

House-of-Cards-Season-2-Poster Something that makes House of Cards Season 2 even more of an innovation is that it will be streamed in Ultra HD. This means that people with 4K TV sets can watch the show in the highest possible quality, which no TV channels offer. Of course if you are watching netflix on your PC or Mac, then you will also be able to see the difference on the high resolution.

The problem

And now we come to the major problem with all this. Recent reports have said that Comcast and some other US based ISPs are restricting Netflix bandwidth. Unfortunately a few months back a judge ruled that net neutrality isn’t actually that important and is possible for ISPs, and ever since users of Comcast especially have noticed big drops in certain types of internet traffic. Add to this the fact that Comcast’s directors have said that “People don’t need high speed internet”, and you can see that it is becoming more and more difficult to watch things like Netflix. I guess we can see what happens when a company has a monopoly.

The solution

Luckily there is actually a solution to this. As long as Comcast can’t actually see what you are doing online, they are unable to restrict certain types of traffic, like Netflix. And this is certainly possible with a VPN. Since traffic is encrypted between you and your ISP, all your ISP sees is encrypted traffic from you. They cannot possibly restrict your Netflix connection. For more information about how a VPN works, read this article.

Which VPN?

One of the best services to use for getting around the restrictions is VyprVPN. Unlike most other VPN companies, VyprVPN has a background going back to 1994 in being an ISP, and they own their own data centers and networks. This means they have full control over their VPN speeds, in other words they are faster than other VPNs, which is what you need for streaming 4K Ultra HD. You can read our review about them here.

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