Watch out! iOS8’s Private Browsing Mode is not so private

We don’t have an iOS 8 device to hand to check this, but according to Redditer ILiketoSpooner the Private Browsing Mode in iO8’s Safari has changed from that in iOS7:

It no longer works as before (at least on my iPad). Previously when you quit private browsing it asked you if you would like to close or keep tabs. It does neither now. When you next return to private browsing mode your last (ahem) tabs viewed are still visible!’

Users of Apple’s shiny new mobile operating system should therefore be careful to close all open tabs (by swiping the pages to the left) when they leave the Private Browsing Mode in Safari, or they will be visible to the next person opening Private Browsing Mode (which could be very embarrassing!)

Alternatively, iDevice owners can opt to use a third party browser with a fully functional Incognito Mode (e.g. Chrome for iOS) when surfing websites they would rather keep private.

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