How To Watch US Netflix Overseas

Many people want to watch US Netflix overseas. The US Netflix catalog is much more varied than the rest of the world’s. Sadly, geo blocks imposed by Netflix, due to content restrictions, mean that you’re not automatically able to watch US Netflix overseas. The answer is a VPN service. This is a fantastic product that lets you ‘spoof’ your IP address to within the US. This gives you full, unrestricted access to the most comprehensive list of titles.

No matter whether you live overseas or are going on vacation, with a VPN service you are covered. Of course, watching geo-restricted content is technically in breach of copyright. For that reason, you are going to need to be careful when choosing your VPN provider.

Some VPNs are useless. Not only will they fail to unblock US Netflix, but they also won’t provide the level of privacy and anonymity necessary for doing so securely. That is why we have taken the time to show you what the best VPNs to watch Netflix overseas truly are in 2017. In this guide, we will walk you through every single step for getting Netflix overseas:

  1. Get a Netflix Subscription
  2. Choose a VPN service
  3. Subscribe to your chosen VPN
  4. Install VPN software and connect to a server
  5. Login to US Netflix overseas

So relax and let us guide you through the best way to watch US Netflix overseas! Your viewing pleasure is about to explode!

The Netflix Unblocker’s Guide

1. Get a Netflix Subscription

The first thing you are going to need to do before you can unblock US Netflix from overseas is to purchase a Netflix subscription.

What many people do not realize is that despite purchasing a Netflix subscription where they live, a Netflix account is still valid worldwide.

Netflix here – Netflix there!

Subscribing to Netflix entitles you to watch Netflix no matter where you are. However, because of restrictions placed on Netflix by content producers the catalog changes from place to place. That is why so many people want to unblock US Netflix overseas.

Spoofing your IP address to within the US makes it seem (to Netflix) as if you are there. As such, even with a subscription purchased in Italy, Germany (or anywhere else), you will be able to access US Netflix (or any other region’s Netflix for that matter, if your chosen provider has VPN servers in that country).

For that reason, the first thing you need to do is purchase a Netflix subscription for the place where you currently live.

How to do it:

  1. Head on over to the Netflix website.
  2. Select a subscription plan – basic or premium. Premium allows you to watch on four screens and in HD.
  3. Pay with a credit or debit card (or PayPal if it is available in your region).

In most places, you are entitled to a month’s free trial. So if you haven’t tried Netflix yet, take advantage of the offer!

2. Choose a VPN Service

Now that you have subscribed to Netflix, You are going to need a VPN in order to spoof your IP address to within the US.

Your IP address is usually specific to where you live, and allows Netflix to make sure you only get access to the video content that is permitted where you are. With a VPN, you can spoof your IP address to wherever your VPN provider has an international server. Most people choose to spoof their location to the US (because it has the biggest catalog). It is also true, however, that spoofing your location to anywhere that has a better catalog than where you live (such as French Guiana or the Dominican Republic for example) will seriously increase your viewing options.

The VPNs that we have selected for this guide all have a great number of international servers. They also all currently allow you to watch US Netflix overseas!

Of all the available options, we recommend unblocking US Netflix because it will give you the most choice.

Your VPN will unblock lots of services! Not just Netflix!

Do not forget however that your VPN will allow you to unblock more than just Netflix! If you are a sports fan, for example, because the VPNs in this guide all have UK servers you can unblock BBC iPlayer. Including coverage of Wimbledon, or Match of the Day. The same goes for other countries online TV feeds. For that reason, it is worth clicking through to the VPNs in our list to check where they have servers.

3. Subscribe to your chosen VPN

Netflix overseas
Once you have selected from our recommended VPNs, please head on over to your chosen provider’s website. Once there, you will be able to subscribe to one of their packages. Most VPNs have a basic and Premium plan, so you will need to decide what package is suitable for you. As long as OpenVPN (our recommended encryption protocol) is on the plan you choose, you are OK to choose the basic plan if that is what you prefer.

Don’t forget that most providers give a discount if you pay for the entire year upfront rather than in monthly installments. So if getting a discount sounds good, and you can afford to pay up front, then this is a recommended option.

The first two providers in our guide also give a 30-day money back guarantee, so no matter what payment plan or package type you select, you will be able to sample the service risk-free to make sure it unblocks Netflix well for you!

Once you have subscribed to the VPN service, you will be given the option to download the client software. All the providers on our list have apps for Android and iOS and versions for Mac and Windows computers and laptops too.

4 Install VPN Software and Connect to a Server

Next, you should install the software from the website. Most providers often two or more  simultaneous instances too – so you will be able to run the VPN on your smartphone and PC should you wish.

expressvpn app platforms

After installation please select our recommended encryption protocol OpenVPN, as this will keep you most secure as you watch US Netflix.

Connect to a US server to watch Netflix overseas!

Now you are ready to connect to your VPN’s US server. If you are in Europe, you should probably connect to a server on the East coast of the US. If on the other hand, you are in the Pacific region, a West coast server will likely give you better connection speeds.

The only one thing to remember is that if for some reason the US server you select doesn’t unblock Netflix, that is because your VPN provider has set certain servers aside for that job. For that reason, if you have any issues at all please contact your VPN as they will resolve the issue quickly. All the VPNs in our guide do unblock US Netflix at the time of writing.

expressvpn loacation picker

5. Log in to US Netflix Overseas!

Now that you are connected to a server within the US, your IP address is that of a bonafide US resident. Despite being in Australia, Morocco, or Indonesia, you are no different to any other American citizen! All you now need to do is log into your Netflix – and voila – US Netflix overseas!

Do remember that you need to be connected to the US server before you log into Netflix. So log out of Netflix before starting. Connect to your VPN’s US server first and then log back into Netflix, this will allow Netflix to register you as located in the US and give you the entire eye-popping catalog!


As watching Netflix overseas is technically in breach of the ToS, you are going to want to remain  secure when you spoof your IP address. Thankfully, a reliable VPN service uses top of the range encryption protocols to secure all of the data that passes from you to the VPN’s servers.

The result is that even your Internet Service Provider is completely unable to tell what you are doing. Likewise, the government is unable to tell what you are doing because the VPN’s industry-standard encryption turns all of the data coming from your IP address into an indecipherable jumble of data.

That means that you have true privacy when you use the internet with a VPN. It also means that you can bypass any internet censorship placed on you by your landlord, ISP or the government.

VPNs for Netflix that you can trust!

In order to guarantee that you are secure, the VPN providers in this guide do two things:

  1. Let you watch US Netflix overseas
  2. Provide industry standard OpenVPN encryption to keep you secure and anonymous when you Spoof your location.

Rest assured that all the VPN providers in this guide have been chosen because they are proven, trusted, and reliable VPNs. We know from experience that these VPNs will handle your data in a secure way. Guaranteeing your safety as you tunnel through to your chosen US server!

woman thinkingIs Watching US Netflix overseas legal?

Back in 2014, Netflix added a clause in its Terms of Service (ToS). It tells subscribers that if they are caught using a VPN they will have their subscription canceled. This makes some Netflix subscribers think twice about using a VPN. The reality, however, is that Netflix has not (to my knowledge) actually started cutting people off for using a VPN.

So what is the story?

The most likely explanation for the lack of bans is that singling out valuable customers – who pay for Netflix – would actually work contrary to the interests of Netflix shareholders.

In conclusion, even though Netflix has added a VPN-banning clause to its ToS to placate content makers, it remains highly unlikely that Netflix will ever start cutting off users for VPN use. Finally, even though we can’t officially endorse using a VPN for unblocking US Netflix, it is true that many people throughout the world do so successfully.

Watch Netflix Overseas Conclusion

In this article we have shown you how to watch US Netflix overseas. As you can see it really is as easy as selecting a VPN service and following the simple steps. Remember, Netflix use may require the use of a particular US server or a specific set of settings, and these change from time to time. So if you can’t get connected right away, then talk to your chosen VPN’s support team to find out the details.

Rest assured that all the VPNs on this list can and will unblock Netflix in 2017. Enjoy!

2017 – Best VPNs to Watch US Netflix!!

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