‘Why I use ad blockers on all devices’

Someone has posted a lovely (and fascinating) series of images on Imgur, purporting to show the baffling network of agencies, analytics firms, marketers, and assorted interested parties that use various web based advertising methods to track surfers across the web.

Why I ad blockers

The full set of three images is available here

Unfortunately the poster remains anonymous, and we are unable to verify the details of these charts, but they ring true with us, and have inspired an interesting discussion on reddit.

We discuss web tracking methods in detail in this series of articles, concluding that many (if not most) of them are devious, dishonest and downright unethical.

Despite their uncertain provenance, we thought readers might be interested in these charts. It should be noted that while ad-blockers such Adblock Edge do prevent a fair amount of tracking, additional browser extensions such as Disconnect or Ghostery provide greater additional protection.

Check out our articles on recommended Firefox and Chrome security add-ons (and not much can prevent the worst tracking technology of all – browser fingerprinting).

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