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Our Windscribe review covers a new VPN provider that's made a strong entrance in the market thanks to its strong encryption and dual-pronged approach to keeping your data and activities inaccessible to outside parties. Read on to learn more about Windscribe, or head over to their website and give their free trial a go using the link below!
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On November 17, 2016
Last modified:July 19, 2017


From the price to the levels of security, find out more about the latest VPN in the marketplace - Windscribe.

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Pricing & Plans

Windscribe is a VPN with a straightforward pricing model with both a free plan and $9 monthly subscription on offer. There are discounts for longer subscriptions. You may buy a year plan for $90, which would save you almost two months of payment. The prices aren’t the cheapest on the market, considering the overall functionality, but that shouldn’t be an issue if you’re looking for a VPN that works as advertised.

The key difference between the Windscribe free VPN and the Pro version is that the free plan has a 10 GB data limit per month, while the Pro version has no limit. In addition, with the free version you won’t have access to all servers, and only one device can be simultaneously connected to the VPN. The Windscribe Pro version, on the other hand, has no limits whatsoever, so you can decide based on your needs. Ultimately, the 10 GB limit of the free account is ample, but probably not enough for long-term regular usage.

Windscribe Refund Policy

Refunds are only in effect for the three days following your purchase. Thankfully, there’s a free option so you can try Windscribe VPN out on your devices before you commit.


  • ProsPROS
  • Robust encryption
  • Stubborn on privacy
  • Modern UI
  • High transparency
  • Superb extension
  • ConsCONS
  • Above-average pricing
  • Limited support options


Windscribe Ltd. is based in Ontario, Canada, which might initially pose some questions as to ‘5 Eyes‘ surveillance sharing. Luckily these concerns have been responded to by the Winscribe DevOps team.

Windscribe About

You can choose to connect to Windscribe VPN from 20 different servers, with usual suspects UK and US, and Canada present, as well as Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore servers. Users residing in or passing through Africa or South America might be disappointed at the moment, but hopefully, Windscribe will extend its coverage to these areas soon. In addition, P2P is currently allowed on all servers and users will be informed if anything changes on that front.

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Security & Privacy

The provider doesn’t skimp on security, but is Windscribe VPN safe? In fact, the pared-down approach to encryption options ensures that users don’t use a VPN incorrectly by connecting to an insecure or compromised protocol at their own expense. Moreover, IP’s are shared, not dedicated, meaning it’s much harder to identify any one single user.

OpenVPN Encryption
Data Auth
Forward Secrecy
Logs & Legal

OpenVPN is the only protocol offered, but it’s the most secure option on the market, one of the speediest, and open source to boot. Data encryption is handled using AES 256, with SHA 512 for data authentication, and hefty RSA 4096 handshaking. IPv6 requests are blocked at the client level, and DNS leak protection is included, in addition to a dedicated killswitch. We’ll explore these features further in the ‘Windows Client’ portion of this Windscribe VPN review further below.

The Website

Browsing the Windscribe website, it gives off a decidedly modern feel, with plenty of spacing, text kerning and a color scheme designed to give it a user-oriented feel. Links are adequate for describing the service, getting started, and support, without being overwhelming.

Windscribe VPN

The bottom portion of the homepage has links to Windscribe’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, which are updated monthly for the former, and weekly for the latter with service updates, promotions, and general information security news.

Windscribe VPN reviews

Even if both are more or less standard fare, we’d still highly encourage you read through both the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Each one was written so it would be understood by those not well-versed in legal jargon, with a side-by-side explanation for each point in the Terms of Service.


For this Windscribe VPN review I tested out the provider’s customer support. Unfortunately, it is limited to ticket-based queries with no Livechat offered. There are currently no plans to add one, the reason why being Windscribe’s previously discussed steadfastness on not using third-party API’s on its website.

Windscribe Ticket Support

“No on the LiveChat, as it’s a 3rd party service which I’m categorically against having on our website since they can and do compromise privacy of visitors (potential customers) to our website. I’ve written an article about this a while back. As for the [user] forum, we also currently have no plans to add it. We’re positioning ourselves as a privacy company for those who never used a VPN (or even know what that is), so we’re putting a lot of work into development of our clients so they simply work, in every possible scenario. If you need to go on a forum and ask people questions, we’ve failed at what we’re trying to achieve.”

Despite this, the support replies arrived in my email inbox no more than a few hours after filing the ticket. The responses I received were courteous and professional, as is illustrated in the above quote. They support team were also descriptive and specifically addressed my questions instead of giving auto replies or simple, single sentence answers.
Windscribe FAQ

The FAQ section is a single page, but it gives more than enough service information to get started and to get a solid handle on how Windscribe’s VPN and Browser Extensions work together. (The Q&A format screengrabs peppered throughout this review mainly come from the FAQ page.)

The Process

Signing Up

Registering with Winscribe VPN is one of the most simple processes I’ve ever encountered during my time reviewing VPN providers. All you need to do is generate a username and password, which are then used for the website client area, Windows (or other) desktop client, and browser extension. No email is necessary. You can choose to provide an email address for support purposes, but it’s not necessary, so don’t use it unless you need to. Paying with a credit card will potentially require a billing address (only for those registered outside the US or Canada), but if you pay via Bitcoin it will leave you almost completely anonymous.

After registering, you will be directed to the Windscribe download page. There, you can download the software for your OS. The setup wizard only takes a few minutes. After which, your Windscribe VPN client will be up and running.

For this Windscribe review, we decided to test our their Windows client.

The Windscribe Review Windows VPN client

The Windscribe Windows VPN client is stylish and functional, without too many confusing or unnecessary frills. Clicking the On/Off toggle in the top right connects you to whichever server you selected. The Firewall (killswitch) blocks all internet connections so that you aren’t left exposed should your VPN connection leak or drop for any reason.

Windscribe Review

Clicking on the three white horizontal white lines in the top left corner opens up an options menu in which each button functions as its title would lead you to reasonably believe.

Windscribe Windows Client Preferences

The preferences menu gives you a few useful options and some which may well be essential. You can choose to auto-boot the Windscribe VPN client on startup, or auto-connect to whichever server you’ve been most recently using. The connection mode drop-down menu has the three aforementioned port options visible below. Those looking to bypass the Great Firewallor other repressive censorship measures should opt for the Stealth option (utilizing stunnel technology) over TCP using port 8443.

Windscribe Review

The Windscribe Chrome Extension

The Windscribe Chrome extension works identically to its desktop counterpart. It also looks almost the same.

Windscribe Chrome Extension

The Secure.Link option is both a privacy awareness and marketing tool to show potential users to what extent websites track everything they do, while simultaneously suggesting an avoidance measure in the form of Windscribe. Best of all, if someone installs and upgrades (subscribes for at least one month), the user who generated the gets exactly 50% of the earnings back. Not a bad incentive for spreading the idea that we should all be privacy-conscious.

Windscribe Chrome Extension Options
Opening up the preferences menu of the Windscribe Chrome extension lets you configure to what extent you’d like to remove third party API’s from the sites you visit (not that they’re ever not there, just blocked from sucking up your data). You can also choose to ‘Whitelist’ sites that you visit often and want to load fully, such as work-related websites or Facebook.

Performance (Speed, DNS, WebRTC and IPv6 Tests)

Windscribe speeds were on the below-average side, numbers-wise, though data alone never gives the most accurate picture possible, especially when it comes to VPNs. Speeds on UK and Dutch servers averaged around 3 Mbps download, which is low compared to some other VPNs. US servers on the other hand averaged out at 12Mbps downstream, despite the geographical distance. Furthermore, I noticed only a little lag when streaming full-length movies in high-definition. My results were more or less on par with those we received in previous Windscribe VPN reviews.

The multi-hop connection likely slows things down further, but security comes with its trade-offs like any other service. Despite slightly weak numbers for the European testing, informal usage while browsing, streaming, or downloading, was entirely sans hiccups.

Windscribe Download
Windscribe Upload
Graphs show highest, lowest and average speeds for each server and location. See our full speed test explanation for more detail.

As expected, DNS leaks were nowhere to be found. You should still run some tests periodically to make sure everything is in working order. Use for simple DNS checks and the WebRTC Bug, and for IPv6 leakage. There’s also a test mixing parts of the other two at, for extra verification.

Other Platforms

You may use Windscribe VPN on either of the two aforementioned platforms, in addition to Mac, Linux, Firefox, and Opera. It also now has snazzy Windscribe Apps for Android and iOS. In addition, it now has a setup guides section, with detailed video guides on how to set up each of their clients!

Windscribe Platforms

Android, iOS

The Windscribe Android and iOS Apps that the provider has been promising are now up and running and available on its website. As mentioned, it also now has set up guides for each of those platforms. Sadly, for the time being the Windscribe Android App is only available for Pro account holders, but it will be available to free users in the fall. We hope to give it a proper look during our next few Windscribe VPN reviews!

Windscribe VPN Review Conclusion

I liked

  • Dedicated Apps
  • Comprehensive protection
  • Upfront attitude toward privacy
  • Chrome extension features

I wasn’t so sure about

  • Lack of LiveChat support
  • No setup guides for novices

I hated

  • Nothing

Let’s recap this Windscribe VPN review, shall we? Windscribe is an excellent provider despite or maybe on account of its fresh approach to a crowded market. The combination of the Windows client and Chrome Browser extension works seamlessly to protect your activities online, with great features on offer to boot. Go ahead and try out Windscribe VPN for yourself using the link below!

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Dimitri M Expat in Europe - pathos for good conversation and Italia's Grande Juventus.

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100 responses to “Windscribe VPN Review

  1. Being the fact that Dimitri is no longer with you guys. Can you guys do a updated review of this service instead of having us go thru all the comments. Cause to be honest I felt like was being led on. Not saying that the service is bad, cause I’ve had no issues with them. But for those who seek proper review about them.

    1. Hi OisSimple,

      The plan is to replace all of Dmitri’s reviews going forward, but doing so takes time and resources. Thanks to this specific request, however, we will have hopefully have a new Windscribe Review out soon.

    1. Hi andrew,

      My apologies. Reviewer Dmitri is no with us because his reviews did not meet our standards. According Windscribe’s Privacy Policy,

      “When You Use Our Service

      We store total amount of bandwidth your account has consumed in 1 month period, which is reset every month on the day of your registration. This is used to enforce free tier limitations as well as prevent abuse. We do not store historical usage. We also store a timestamp of your last activity on the Windscribe network, this is done to weed out inactive accounts. We do not store connection logs, IP timestamps, or sites you visit (we are firm believer that one’s browsing history should be taken to one’s grave).”

      As with every VPN service, some real-time logs are kept, but these are discarded within 3 minutes of session termination. I would describe the above as keeping very minimal connection logs.

  2. It’s simply ridiculous how many bogus positive reviews there are posted here about Windscribe. Let’s see if my honest non paid or non affiliated review with the company get’s published.

    For starters, W claims to be free. As always, there is a catch. They give you a small amount of bandwidth of 1 or 1.5 GB. This is a little bit more than some of the (reliable) competitors. Unlike it’s competitors though, the app rarely works. It doesn’t matter if it is on your Windows machine or your on your iPhone. Most of the time, it simply won’t connect even to your closest server.

    The worst part is their desktop Windows X installer and app. It renders your internet connection impotent. It stops all internet activity and it won’t even connect to any one if it’s servers. It has the constant message “Connecting”. It’s firewall feature cannot be turned off.

    I had to uninstall the app. And as experience has shown me, before you install any VPN apps/software, you must backup your device or use an installer/uninstaller program that records every little registry entry change during the installation process or your windows will be corrupt and you will not be able to connect to the internet at all.

    1. Hi Likeitis,

      I’m afraid your experience of Windscribe does not match our own. As you can see from the screenshots above, for example, our reviewer had no problem connecting to the service. As for the Free service being very limited – well, yes. Running a VPN service is very expensive and time consuming, so no-one is really going to do it for free. At least with services such as Windscibe, which offer a limited service in the hope that you will upgrade to a premium plan, their funding model is transparent…

    2. Hi,

      First of all, we offer 10GB of data for free, if you confirm your email.

      If you’re having issues, you should contact our support, and they will gladly help you resolve them.

      1. That’s a great response – also, true. This is how I assessed the service. I am now a lifetime subscriber and happy about it. My only hope is that its excellence continues.

      2. I am currently having the exact same issue as Likeitis above. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app (v.1.61). I have Windows 7 64-bit installed. I recently installed a Windows Update but I don’t remember if I had this problem before or after the Windows Update.

    windscribe $hits all over the other vpn providers, and not in a bad way. its the best one I ever used and I used like 30 different vpns up to now. works fast, no disconnects, applications are sexy as hell. love it

  3. Is there a way to get an announcement for when the Linux client comes out? or if connecting Android and Linux will be available for free accounts anytime soon? I don’t use Windows or iOS, but I’d love to try the free version of Windscribe out first before paying for it (I’m most likely going to go for the Lifetime license I found on TechDirt Deals).

    1. Hi N.Shoemaker,

      I suggest that you contact Windscibe about this. Windscribe also has a Blog that you can follow (and in which I would guess announcements of this kind will be made).

    Love this program. I used to get so many letters about downloading linux ISOs, and they all stopped as soon as i got windscribe. 🙂
    The speeds are great, and I love how small and non-intrusive their program is. Other Vpns I used have this massive overly complicated interface full of features that dont even work. Not Windscribe, everything simply works and requires no configuration.

  4. One of the weakest points of the bestVPN review looks to be the price.

    Service is so-so. no user forum, no help but just a demeaning “just kidding” joke about service for Blackberry. But it works easy right out of the box for Windows. What i saw about keepings logs and helping copyright-people is not to my preference, but i looks the owner wants to make an honest living.

    If people want to use chromecast wile using this VPN you need to turn windscribe fire wall off, then everything works very well. Only complaint is that it does not work on android but I hope this will be fixed soon.

    • Not Rated

    I purchased the Pro version. I like the privacy offered, But I literally have to download additional software and edit a file to get my WiFi printer to work. This should be a more automatic feature. I’m not dumb, but I’m not an IT genius either. Concerned I may make a wrong edit and nothing will work.

    1. By default our firewall blocks all LAN connectivity, since that’s something you would want in a public place. To disable this block, go into Preferences and check the box “Allow LAN traffic when firewall is on”.

    One of the best VPN! I use this VPN along with AirVPN and I can assure you that both services are excellent!

    I purchased the lifetime edition very recently and am delighted that I have done so.

    One issue that I am trying to resolve with Windscribe support that I also have experienced with other VPNS, is the inability to connect to any server before disabling, then re-enabling the TAO Windows adapter.I think this may relate to an OpenDNS/Windows issue with Windows 8.1.

    This only takes a few seconds to do. Then I am able to connect to any of the listed servers. If anyone here knows of a more permanent solution please do respond?

    After VPN connection, I find that speeds are above average and I experienced no dropped connections so far. This is very pleasing.

    I also find that Windscribe support is excellent in terms of their response time to support requests. I find them to be very helpful. My queries were addressed directly, politely and professionally.I was very pleased that I didn’t just get some automated reply.

  5. It works and is mostly fast enough.
    But i have a question.

    I have the windscribe programm and a zenmate add on.

    If i activate first windcribe and then zenmate-am i surfing then about 2(3) different IPs?

    1. Hi Fritz,

      1. What you are describing is most certainly overkill! It will also seriously slow down your internet connection.
      2. If you are using the Windscribe VPN and the Zenmate browser add-on, then your connection is being routed first to a VPN server run by Windscribe, then to a proxy server run by Zenmate. This will provide your endpoint external IP address. If you are instead using the Windscribe browser add-on, then I am not sure which add-on will take precedence. You can easily test this out for yourself, however. Connect each add-on to a different proxy server, then visit to find out which one is your end-point server (the one which connects you to the internet).

  6. They declare in the FAQs that they don’t keep permanent logs. Does this mean that they keep temporary logs and for how long?

    1. Hi Hilda,

      ““When You Use Our Service
      We store total amount of bandwidth your account has consumed in 1 month period, which is reset every month on the day of your registration. This is used to enforce free tier limitations as well as prevent abuse. We do not store historical usage. We do not store connection logs, IP timestamps, or sites you visit (we are firm believer that one’s browsing history should be taken to one’s grave).

      When You Are Actively Connected to a Server
      For the duration of your connection we store the following data in a temporary location: OpenVPN username, VPN server connected to, time of connection, amount of data transferred during the session. This data expires and is discarded within 3 minutes of session termination.”

  7. November 29,2016

    just bought the Pro version for 45.00 yr.
    type in Windscribe promo code and then u will pay for a yr advance..
    great software…. it did freeze up on me while I was d/l a torrent but I changed locations in the middle and prob screwed it up myself.. had no internet connection as the software stopped working.. my bad..

    • Not Rated
    • Not Rated
    • Not Rated
    • Not Rated

    easy af to use. normally id never pay for a service like this since there is so many free ones around. but when I ran out ,I wanted more, I paid. I tried many vpn but they all seem to have horrible interfaces and they disconnect out of no where. not wind scribe when its on its on and that’s the most important thing to me.

  8. I tried Free Windscribe for a couple of days and work awesome. Speed was fantastics. It pass all my security test.
    I got so satisfaced that I bought the For Life suscription.
    Totally recommendable ( and I tried a lot of others VPN’s).
    You won’t regret!!

    It worth the money I spend for this VPN. New beta version for mac “coming soon to windows” make it much more powerful than before, speed its 10/10 no slow down fast support etc. it worth trying it out.

  9. Webroot security says not safe and is blocking website. Any explanation? This has happened with a number of VPNs. Thanks.

    1. Hi Webroot No Likey,

      To the very best of my knowledge, Windscribe is 100% legit. It would probably be best to ask Webroot about this (or, when I have time, I may look into it).

    windscribe is here to stay! they are selling lifetime plans for some time to spread the word about windscribe then they will go with monthly/yearly plans to pay for servers… i tested many servers speed and i have to say 5/5, there no DNS leaks the support reply me in few hours of sending the ticket.

    I give 5/5 to everything for windscribe! fast support! fast speed on premium servers! the extension for browsers is very nice idea because i can whitelist website with out having to turn off the vpn every time to visit them.

    windscribe have good speed on premium servers, fast support and i tried many vpn but idk i stick with this. Chrome extension doesn’t have dns leaks.

    I was using the free version with the free 15 GB for some time and i have to say the speed was very good for free users. I just bought the lifetime deal. I hope they stay in business!

    No DNS leak here that very nice too!

    Great VPN, been using for several weeks and had no issues, unlike with other VPNs I tried. Will be upgrading when I get my next paycheck.

  10. It won’t even start the setup process on MacOs Sierra. ‘WindScribe quit unexpectedly, please contact support’. Tried uninstall/reinstall to no avail.

    1. Hi Anje,

      So I just checked using my Chromecast, and was able to use Chromecast to cast iPlayer while connected to my VPN service (AirVPN). I usually cast from my Android phone rather than my PC, and I also know that being connected to a VPN does not prevent this. I’m afraid that I don’t know the remedy, but this is clearly a Windscribe-specific issue, rather than a general VPN one. I therefore recommends contacting Windscribe about it (you can refer them to my comment here if support claims this is a more general issue).

  11. For me, Windscribe worked much better than Cyberghost. Unlike other ones I’ve tried, it was fast to get started and easy to switch off. No issues with speed and I rarely notice it is there. Good product.

    As a lifetime subscriber I have been quite disappointed with this service. Whether its connection speeds of the companies choice to police the internet and cut off p2p connections especially on US servers without informing the customer base.

  12. the discussion is about Windscribe, but the text talks about SaferVPN. Which is it. Have you just been cutting/pasting paragraph blocks or is Windscribe based on SaferVPN’s network.

    1. Hi Peter,

      I have just performed a text search of this review (Dmitri is no longer with us), but cannot find a single mention of SaferVPN…

  13. @Windscribe – What tool/approach/lists are you using to identify and block trackers?

    Are any other common anti-tracker tools (PrivacyBadger, Blur, Disconnect [Basic/browser, not full VPN], uBlock Origin, etc.) compatible with your VPN and/or browser extension[2hop] and/or b.e.[block tracker]? What about obfuscaters like TrackMeNot or AdNauseam? Do extensions need to be installed in a certain order (e.g., Windscribe first or last)?

    Where are servers located (close major city)? (Or link if I simply I overlooked that.)

    While a bit minimalist, your site does an exceptional job of clearly presenting info that is often deliberately obscured or even misstated, like exactly what is logged. I’d call it “world class” except that would be an insult for this industry. BTW, perhaps “lite VPN” and ~”browser VPN” and ~”VPN for the browser” should always be qualified by “(proxy)” or a reference in that sentence.

    I used over 10 different VPNs: Expressvpn, Buffered, Total(Shit)VPN, Nord, etc and had some kind of issue with all of them. I tried Windscribe, which was free, and everything simply worked as it was supposed to. Upgraded to a lifetime Pro account and never been happier.

    good options, fair price
    program layout makes sense
    double security if u use the addon with filters as second hop

    1. Hi Pete,

      If I understand your question right, the StackSocial website is offering a Windscribe subscription at a deep discount? I’m afraid that you will have to ask Windscribe directly if the deal is genuine or not (this is simply a review of the service).

    I’m so frustrated by Windscribe! Their tech support hasn’t been able to solve my issues, nor have they really tried. Instead of actually trying to help, they just blame it on my ISP. I give them kudos for quick replies, though. Maybe someone else can help, please?

    I haven’t had much success with the desktop app. It rarely makes a connection, keeps a connection, and when it does, the speeds are unusable (have tried all connection modes, including stealth, as they suggested). My closest server is US East. The browser extension works great for the most part, so I know it’s not my ISP. BTW, they told me not to use both the extension and the desktop app at the same time. Either way, the desktop app kills being able to use the internet at all. I have to turn off the desktop app to use the internet. (This is my 2nd time typing this, because the 1st time I submitted I got an error page that my “connection was interrupted,” which is the message I get 95% of the time running the desktop app.) Unfortunately, I jumped the gun and bought their lifetime subscription because I found a great deal. But if it doesn’t work, I’ve paid too much.

    1. Hi Jessie,

      If the product you paid for does not work as advertised, then you are legally entitled to a full refund. If its support team cannot resolve your problems, then I hope that Windscribe will honor this.

      – “BTW, they told me not to use both the extension and the desktop app at the same time.” … Hmm… on this very comments page Winbscribe said (June 22 2016),

      “Its recommended you have both installed as they do different things. The desktop application is a traditional VPN client, while the Chrome extension takes care of ad and tracker blocking, while also allows you to do a “double hop” so you could use a proxy on top of the VPN, for double the protection, in cases when you need it.”

      Note that browser extensions are not true VPNs but encrypted proxies, and therefore work in a somewhat different way. I’m afraid that I don’t know how this helps you,however.

    2. Don’t use both browser add on and desktop VPN, will prolly slow down your internet speed. I’d suggest you’d download ‘revo uninstaller ‘,delete the program it will clean all the way to registry ,you will have the option to choose. And try reinstalling again and try using diff locations outside of murica. If it still happens maybe your ISP is the problem as in maybe it doesnt accept vpn connection type to pass through traffic btw browser add on vpn and desktop vpn functions diff in a way so yoyr isp can filter the connection and make utnot work or the way your router is setup.
      And to ppl who got problems not connecting to internet after uninstalling windscribe or changed the dns., go to your network settings and right click on ipv4 choose properties , choose use DNS automatically provided by your isp. Click save or apply. Restart comp.
      If that doesn’t work duck duck go search for how to flush DNS using cmd flush your DNS and restart your router and comp and try again without VPN of course.

    3. Hi,

      Regarding the speeds: As stated in the support ticket, this IS an issue with your ISP, as Verizon is known for throttling OpenVPN connections.

      You said that the Stealth mode resolved the issue, so I’m not sure what this is all about.

      Regarding the 2nd issue you mentioned: You stopped responding to us, so we can’t really help you unless you keep working with out support to resolve the issue you’re having.

      As for not using both apps at once: The suggestion was not to be CONNECTED in both extension and desktop application at the same time unless you need the double hop feature. The extension will still do its thing even in the OFF state. Upcoming extension update will resolve this confusion.

  14. hello, when will windscribe be available for andriod for free? Cmon hurry up thanking you…?
    Have you guys been taken over by spiders……??

    P.s any real football fans out there not like that egg shaped hand ball played in murica ,real foot ball..。ars 3_4 lvp ()lawl()
    Wob ftw. Wenger needs to go same with that idiot over played league 1 player walnut i mean walcott….

  15. This might seem like a given for some, but since I assume nothing and I see it stated nowhere in this article (or, more surprisingly, on Windscribe’s website):

    What is Windscribe’s logging policy?

    1. Hi JP,

      That is a very fair question, and one that BestVPN usually answers in our reviews. Dmitri (who is no longer with us) was remiss in not addressing it. According to its Privacy Policy,

      “When You Use Our Service
      We store total amount of bandwidth your account has consumed in 1 month period, which is reset every month on the day of your registration. This is used to enforce free tier limitations as well as prevent abuse. We do not store historical usage. We do not store connection logs, IP timestamps, or sites you visit (we are firm believer that one’s browsing history should be taken to one’s grave).
      When You Are Actively Connected to a Server
      For the duration of your connection we store the following data in a temporary location: OpenVPN username, VPN server connected to, time of connection, amount of data transferred during the session. This data expires and is discarded within 3 minutes of session termination.”

      It might also be worth noting that Canada is a FVEY spying alliance member, and has recently passed new mandatory logging laws. Whether the new laws apply to VPN providers remains very unclear (Windscribe’s Privacy Policy suggests not), but the situation is very murky.

    This service is great and much faster than the other VPN I use, which I’m satisfied with as well.
    I have followed Windscribe for a while, and they have grown a lot – both app/feature wise and reputation wise, I reckon. The customer service is excellent with fast reply times and they always listen to suggestions and feedback.
    The iOS app could have more features, but I’m sure it will be implemented in the future to come, as they are still new and the app was recently released.
    I’m very happy with this service – keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Aaron,

      Yes. Depending on your router – for DD-WRT-flashed routers please see here. If a VPN is setup on your router, then any device that connects to that router is protected by the VPN (and this includes devies that cannot usually use a VPN, such as smart TVs and games consoles). The only snag is that the processor found in all but the most high-end routers can struggle with the demands of DD-WRT, which can result in a slow internet connection.

    1. Hi Juzz,

      I’m afraid that I don’t know. Maybe other readers can help. According to its FAQ, Windcribe supports the following connection mode “Stealth – TCP protocol via Stunnel on port 8443. Only use this if all other methods fail. May be handy in China.” In theory a stunnel connection should work in China, as stunnel hides the VPN connection inside a TLS/SSL tunnel.

    2. Nope. At least not with Android. All of their servers are *, which would be easily blocked at the DNS level. And if you use Strongswan, which they suggest, you cannot connect to the actual IP addresses of those servers. And the Strongswan app doesn’t allow TCP connections, so there is no chance to use port 8443.

    This provider is awesome. No bullshit sales speak on their website, their privacy policy is brilliant (unless we get taken over by spiders, heh) and their support guy is top notch. Got a proper custom response to my question in 3 minutes, I kid you not. I’m from Sweden, and their Swedish servers are lightning fast for me. Highly recommended.

  16. I tried the free version for a short while, unfortunatly its not what im looking for in a VPN. upon uninstalling it it royaly fucked my internet conection on my desktop >:( had to waste about 30 minutes figuring out why (and no your “how to change your dns” didnt help)

    1. Hi Alski,

      So would you care to share with us what did help? It might be useful for other readers, and help me understand the problem so I can give better advice.

    2. That’s odd and should never happen. Were you on a Mac by any chance, and did you force quit the app? If so, that’s the reason. Never force quit apps that change your network settings. If you’re on Windows, that may require more investigating. We’d be happy to help if you send us a support ticket.

    1. Hi Omar,

      Curious but that strongly suggests that you are connected to a UK server, whatever might say. A possible reason might be that Windscribe uses fancy DNS routing in order to bypass iPlayer’s blocks on VPN users.

  17. Hi Douglas
    I have used windscribe for a month and it is stable and has perfect firewall and good speed and there is no dns leak . I would like to ask about :
    – It give me the same IP everytime i connect ( for every server i connect to , also IP adress and DNS adress are the same ) .

    – using , it show me i am from Austalia when i connect to UK and dont detect any city . This is just with .

    Finally sorry for inconvenient expression because i am not expert about this .

    Yours Faithfully

    1. Hi Omar,

      This sounds a little strange. When connected to a UK server, IPLeak shows that you are in Australia? Can you access BBC iPlayer?

    5/5 stars – Fantastic software, used for about a month before signing up for the PRO account (currently on promo for 50% off). Running both Windows and Chrome client for ‘double hop’ VPN.

    This is no-bullshit VPN software. Whether you’re an IT Professional, or a complete novice looking for an excellent privacy-enhancing solution, Windscribe is the ticket. I especially like that the firewall locks down traffic to prevent any leaks.

    Looking forward to the iOS app as well!

  18. Windscribe works great. Ipleaktest passed with no leaks.
    My settings in Preferences, Connection Mode: Default
    Firewall mode: Auto
    When I changed the settings it didn’t work as well for some reason.
    Peerblock blocks “root S.A” with ip “” and
    I wonder why Windscribe uses an ip on a major block list of suspicious sites.
    Other than the Peerblock issure, Windscribe works great for me.

    1. Hi R.Mack,

      root S.A. is a server hosting company based in Luxemburg. Windscribe clearly rents server space from it, and is probably unaware that the ip is on the Peerblock block list.

    I was sent a “secure link” by my friend, so I downloaded Windscribe as a result. I love it so far. Its so easy to use, even my 55 year old parents had no trouble! price is a bit expensive but you usually get what you pay for.

    1. Hi Francois,

      The desktop VPN client will protect your entire internet connection, while the Chrome add-on will only protect your Chrome browsing sessions. You do not need to run both.

      1. Its recommended you have both installed as they do different things. The desktop application is a traditional VPN client, while the Chrome extension takes care of ad and tracker blocking, while also allows you to do a “double hop” so you could use a proxy on top of the VPN, for double the protection, in cases when you need it.

  19. Their premium plan is slower than tunnelbears free plan! My neighbor and I both tried it and found it to be slow. My neighbor said he thinks they are using bgp tricks instead of using bare metal servers in each location. Buyer Beware

    1. You can verify locations of servers by performing a traceroute to the server, which will show that servers are in fact in locations that they are claimed to be in.
      As for speeds, you should connect to the closet location to you in order to get optimal speeds. Free and Pro plans have identical speeds, as we don’t throttle anyone.

  20. issue? When using Windscribe (kill switch set to on), there are inconsistencies in dns location detected when using different leak test sites; sometimes true location in still detected. irregularities not consistent, not restricted to one test site

    geolocation and webrtc disabled in browser (firefox). changed DNS to OpenDNS, same issue.

    example (using opendns):
    ip shown as utah (, dns shown as new york (
    ip shown as new york (, dns shown as new york (
    ip shown as (, dns shown as (
    state/region: ACTUAL SHOWN

  21. I switched to this company after getting scammed by TotalVPN. What a breath of fresh air! Their billing structure is very simple, has no stars or fine-print. You can even choose to make a 1 time payment or a subscription, which is extremely fair to the customer. I never saw other companies offer this kind of flexibility.
    Everything works as described, and whats even better is that you can use it for free for quite a while. I was able to use Windscribe for 2 weeks before I ran out of free bandwidth at which point I was more than comfortable giving them my money for what seems to be great service.

    I installed this program on my mac and everything worked as expected. I expected a big speed reduction (I have 100mbit) and I was to download at 92mbit after connecting to a US server. I wish their application showed how much stuff I downloaded, otherwise I would give it 5 stars.

  22. I used Windscribe for about 5 minutes before uninstalling. Just trying it to see if it worked. My computer now won’t connect to the Internet. My ISP, Internet, and Server keep failing, yet the other computers in my house and my phone connect to the Internet just fine. What happened?? This VPN seriously messed up my network connection and settings.

      1. I had the same problem as Christina and couldn’t access the internet even though I can connect to the wifi. Only my computer out of the many devices in my house has a problem with the internet only after I uninstalled Windscribe. I tried to use the DNS guide you provided earlier but it was to no avail. What can I do to fix this irritating problem the software has caused me?

        1. Hi Damien,

          Hmm. You can try resetting your WiFi adapter. Assuming that you are using Windows, right-click on your WiFi connection in the Notification Bar -> Troubleshoot problems, and follow the Wizard…

    Not the cheapest VPN out there, but so far it seems to be worth the price. I really like the cruise control feature in the chrome extension. The mac application seems to work well too, usually they break my internet but so far this one works really well.

    I only tried the extension so far, but its really good so far. Got started in under 30 seconds, and it works great! Still don’t know what these “Secure links” do, but the vpn and adblock work as advertised.

    1. Hi Derek, is basically a URL shortening service (like tiny.url), except than when you use it Windscipbe will also scan the target website and return a “privacy score”. I think the intention is to ensure that you don’t send your contacts links to insecure websites.

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