Ray Walsh

Ray Walsh

April 12, 2018

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Are you a hardcore fan of the Pandora Internet radio service? Are you situated outside their normal service area? Don’t worry! There are fast, reliable VPNs that can make Pandora think you are in a serviceable area – giving you complete access to the service.

In our five-plus years of reviewing VPNs, we’ve tested over 150 VPNs. Digging into this huge collection of information, we have found you 5 Pandora VPNs: VPN services that are fast enough to listen to Pandora from anywhere on earth!

Best VPN for Pandora: Considerations

The most important consideration when choosing a VPN for Pandora is its ability to convince Pandora that you are in a valid location. All VPNs can make it look like you are in a different location. But not all of them have servers in the right areas. And even if they do, not all VPNs can convince Pandora that they are legitimate local users.

Online services try hard to ensure that people cannot use a VPN to connect from a restricted location. The Pandora radio service is only available in the USA, Australia, and New Zealand. If you live somewhere else, you will need a VPN that can get around the blocking techniques Pandora uses to stop you from connecting. The five VPNs we recommend in this guide do exactly that. If you want to know more about VPNs for the above countries, see the guides below:

Another important consideration when choosing a Pandora VPN is raw speed. Pandora audio is easier to send across the Internet than video files. But interruptions in a song can really ruin your mood.

All of the VPNs we recommend in this article are more than fast enough to keep up with whatever Pandora can dish out.

Best VPNs For Pandora Conclusion

Pandora is a great Internet radio service, at least it is if you live in the right location. You can use a VPN to convince Pandora that you are a valid user and get access to the music. Any of the services on this list of the Best VPNs for Pandora can get the job done for you.

Don’t take a chance on a VPN that might not work with Pandora.